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Fluval spec planning? (planting HC from an emerged setup?)

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So I have A lot of HC growing emersed, and tomorrow I will be getting the Fluval spec. So, two questions: is the spec's stock light capable of growing HC? I will dose excel daily, and if necessary, pressurized co2. And 2: how do I transplant HC from my emersed setup to the tank for a dry start? I've only planted HC from a pot... And how long should I have the dsm going? I will have enough to fill the bottom, but how long shall I let it go for proper roots to develop? Thanks.
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You never know til you try. I'd grow it submerged as soon as possible. Plant it DEEP. Lot of Excel or CO2 will help. It'll take at least a month closer to two to really establish....maybe supplement the stock light with a CF bulb during the grow out stage.
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