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Amazon (ugh, I know) currently has the Spec III for $79.99 with a $16 coupon you can clip. Brings the price to $63.99. Update 4 hours later: It's now $82.99 with a $15 coupon. Still a great deal. It's been sitting at $79/$80 at every retailer that ships for a couple years now. Update on day 2: Still sitting at $82.99 but with a $16.60 coupon. $66.39 for an entire setup. Solid deal. Jump on this if you're on the fence. Seems supply is dwindling at several retailers.

Here's a direct link and here's the URL if you want to copy & paste without whatever referral the system probably builds in:

This is a terrific deal on the Spec. It's well-built, fairly attractive and is surprisingly spacious. I've got both the Spec V and the Spec III and prefer the III by a longshot. The filter compartments are larger and it's easier to get your hands down in the tank because it's wider.

The good: For the price, you can't beat it. $64ish for a tank, great filter system, LED so strong you have to raise it or dampen it with a couple layers of window fiberglass screen material. All in one small footprint. It's perfect(!) for shrimp with 1 slight modification that requires silicone and takes less than a minute. Bonus: it's cheap to use high-end plants, hardscape and the fanciest substrate you can find.

Small bag of sand or fine gravel, couple scraps of manzanita or other wood glued together, some moss to glue to the wood and some cheap crypts and you've got a killer planted tank.

$64 is what it would cost to buy a similarly-sized tank without lighting or filtration. So if you aren't itching for a rimless tank or just want to save money, don't hesitate.

Oh, here's the not-so-good: You'll have another tank.

(I ordered another one. Please send help.) Update on day 2: I ordered yet another. Time to shut down some cubes and use these. Hope y'all are ready to give me scape ideas!
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