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Hello All!

Longtime lurker, decided to take the plunge and make a journal of my little 3 gallon low tech tank. I had a 12.5 gallon a year and a half ago mostly composed of stem plants and the maintenance got away from me in terms of trimming.

So this is a smaller footprint made up of mostly crypts, anubias, and buce to really minimize the upkeep. It is going on 10 weeks now. Maintenance is a breeze, 50% WC every week which takes five minutes max. I do have the inTank media basket with some ceramic rings and filter pad. Using a stock light with a timer, it is on about 6 hours a day. No CO2. I planted heavily to help cut down on algae issues. I dose APT complete.

Plant List:
bucephalandra white marble
bucephalandra brownie ghost 2011
bucephalandra black venti
bucephalandra helena
bucephalandra theia red bone
bucephalandra mini catherine
bucephalandra salit purple
cryptocoryne pink flamingo
cryptocoryne wendtii "brown"
cryptocoryne wendtii "red"
cryptocoryne parva
dwarf sagittaria subulata
anubias pinto
anubias kirin
anubias golden
trident java fern
salvinia minima

One guppy with some shrimp, one who is berried! We will see if any shrimplets make it!
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Good job! Nicely done! I'm especially impressed with your buces (since I have struggled with them in the past). I hope you get lots of shrimplets too!
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