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Fluval Spec 3 Betta tank

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Hello all,

I recently got back into the hobby and started a few planted tanks. I had a Fluval Edge, but that was a pain as far as lighting and working in so I got rid of that and got a 10 gallon and a Fluval Spec.

I picked up the spec at a LFS for $40. It was missing a light, water pump, and all the plumbing for it. I was ok with that because my original intent was to start a nano reef and was going to replace the light and pump anyhow. I got Mini Jet 606 cheap, and ordered the hose and nozzle from Fluval. When I ordered the picture showed the hose, elbow and nozzle for 3 bucks, it arrived and it was just the elbow! Emailed Fluval customer service and they sent me the entire assembly (a $20 value) for free! I had picked up a Fluval nano aqualife plant LED for $49 on Amazon a few months back for my Edge and mounted it on the Spec. I found a Fluval 50W heater on sale for $16. I stumbled upon an Intank Media basket for 30 bucks so I picked that up as well. I have lucked out on getting all this stuff fairly cheap!

Fluval Spec III
MiniJet 606
Fluval nano Aqualife LED
Fluval 50W heater
Intank Media basket

Petco Sand
API laterite
Java Moss
Amazon Swords
Micro Swords

I currently have a few questions.

I have cut holes in the outlet tube to slow the flow down for the Betta. The first set of holes didn't seem like enough, and he hid most of the time, I assumed to avoid the current. I cut a few more holes and I think it is too slow to actually filter any water. Debris will stay suspended for quite a while, and the substrate is getting dirty. How much current can the Betta tolerate?

Second question, is this light too intense for what I have? I leave the light on about 9 hrs a day and I recently had some algae issues start. Should I just scale back to 5-6 hours a day? I am dosing Excel lightly and plan on adding CO2 as soon as I get all of my fittings in.

Anyhow, here are some pictures of my setup, still work like to add an Anacharis to the back right corner and plant a few more micro swords in the front.


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I have a betta in a spec 2. I just removed the nozzle(so only the elbow) and he is just fine. In fact, he purposely "plays" in the current, but can get out when he wants. I had planned to put holes in the tube, but so far, it hasn't been needed.

EDIT -- I guess the minijet is a good bit more powerful, though.
Look like your off the a good start! You were lucky to get all that stuff for cheap!!!
Good luck...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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