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Fluval Spec 2g Blueberry Shrimp Tank

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Just started this a few days ago. I used filter media from my 29g for an instant cycle, and it has worked great.
I wanted an upslope effect with the slate rock, but the substrate (fluval shrimp stratum) is very hard to work with. Especially when it comes to planting anything in it.

Plants are HC, dwarf hairgrass, and a little java moss for the shrimps.
I am looking for some driftwood for this tank. Would like to
attach some Anubis, or some other plant to the wood.

Decided to stick with neos for shrimps instead of tigers or CRS. The water temp in the summer is just to warm 76-78F.

Here is a closeup of the shrimps Neocaridina palmata "Blueberry"

The shrimp are from msjinkzd.

Any and all suggestions are welcome. Keep in mind I just started the tank a few days ago, and havent had much time to work on it. :biggrin:
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nice shrimp... how is the FSS working for you?
nice shrimp... how is the FSS working for you?
FSS is fine. It buffers the PH down to 6.6-6.8. My tap water is 7.6 or so.
As for planting anything in it... it's a pain. The substrate is very light compared to gravel so it moves around easily.

I just liked the look of it, and wanted something dark.
I realized the same thing about FSS after i started using it as well. Your tank seems to be coming along nicely!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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