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Fluval Nano LED bracket mounting

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I posted this in the lighting section but figured I'd try my luck with fellow nano-nites.

When I read the instructions for the the light it said to clean the glass before mounting the double sided tape. But my question is with what should I be cleaning? I know alcohol is the best clean but is risky. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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When I mounted mine I just cleaned the outside of the glass with a wet paper towell and then dried it very well, and it mounted fine... it was almost impossible to remove
Generally, if I'm cleaning aquarium glass (or anything around the aquarium), it's white vinegar and water.
Hows the light working out for you? I have the same one on my nano
I cleaned mine with a paper towel and alcohol. Don't worry too much, that thing is gonna stick...the problem will come if you ever need to get it off, lol.

I was a little leery when I bought this light, but I have to say, it's performing fantastic. It has well exceeded my expectations. Being able to raise and lower it has been real handy.
How are you raising the light exactly? Putting something in the base?

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