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fluval micro plant nutrients

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i just want to know if anyone has or is using this product, and how well it performs. thank you.
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Have not seen it, except at their web site.
I see a few things:
1) It is a liquid. Do not pay for shipping water with just a dab of active ingredient. Buy the dry fertilizer and add your own water.
2) It specifies the micro nutrients are chelated. This is good.
3) It has either hype or an unknown research: It says it supplies vitamin B.
I did not know plants need that. Is that why mine are all green or red? I have tanks with no fish (so no fish food, no source of vitamin B) and my plants grow really well. What am I doing wrong?
thanks for you reply and for the reaon why your plants are all green or just red idk cause my crypt wendtii has red leafedge going on and i have not been usig nutrients just co2
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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