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Fluval just selling on reputation now?

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Just a random rant.

I bought a brand new Fluval FX6 when it first came out (the first model without the gravel vac) and I payed 2200 NOK (260$, I still have the receipt) and I was toying with the idea of changing it out for a FX4, just to get a little less flow in my 60 gallon tank. It's manageable but I would prefer slightly less flow. Anyhow, was checking price online and the FX4 is 2900 NOK (340$) and the FX6 is now 3500 NOK (420$)!!

WTH Fluval!? I mean it's a awesome filter no doubt, I love mine. But around 80% price increase seems a bit greedy, even with it's great success...for shame.

Bright side, I could probably get what I paid for it selling it used now.

Rant over. Would still buy the filter, in my mind, best filter money can buy just a little shocked :)

Edit: Sorry, it was 2700 NOK (315$) the 7 was kinda smudged. But still, that's +100$ more.
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Capitalism sucks eh? (Unless you decide to sell your old one for current prices...)
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The rich get richer?
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The world economy has changed a lot over the last year with the value of the Euro and Pound falling quite a bit. Meanwhile, production in China has gone up. Maybe it has to do with that?

Also, FX6 is available from Amazon in the US for $321 so it may have more to do with your location or particular store.
I just got my fx6 today for $250 off fleabay brand new unopened box.
I might think this is more of a tariff question than a simple price gouge. Could be either but there is a real problem developing on the world trading situation. Canada and the US appear to be sliding rapidly into a full scale war at the moment. Canadian dry milk products are now taboo in the US, so the Canadian companies no longer will buy US milk. Wisconsin farmers are faced with dumping milk. Today we get the news that Canadian lumber will be facing a large tariff which will drive the cost of a "normal" new home up by $3500! Everybody loses when anybody starts a war.
We can't seem to understand that and remember it for very long. History just keeps repeating.
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