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Fluval flora/ebi strata

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I'm considering using either of these, probably ebi in a small 20L tank I've got

How easy is it to clean this stuff? It's a fairly low tech tank, Aqua one 100 filter, and was going to use. Gravel vac but I heard that could make the tank really dirty with this stuff

Do I just do water changes then and try and suck up and leftover food or really try and agitate the substrate

I just really like the look of the substrate with fluoro lighting, it looks better than almost any others I've seen
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you definitely want to have the siphon hover over the ebi stratum or you will suck it up. its light. It will kick up some dust when disturbed, but it settles. I use purigen in my filter to help clear the water.
Thanks for the tip, I'll definitely look into puragen

Any alternatives to the ebi strata you can think of? In Australia I find the prices are absurd compared to what I used to pay in North America. So whenever I have an idea, I'm usually crushed when I realize how much it will actually cost me...

Tahitian moon sand? Or will shrimp not do that well in it?
Fluval just came out with a new plant and shrimp stratum made from volcanic soil, not sure if you'll have access to this in Australia. I saw it at my LFS last weekend. I'm curious how it measures up...
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Bought the Fluval Ebi, it was only $17 for 2kg and it was more than adequate to fill up my tank, thank god I didn't go with the 4kg bag...
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