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Fluval flex increase stocking

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Hi guys

I've got a Fluval Flex 57 litre tank and I'm wondering if I can add a few more fish to this (image below). I've had 5 neon tetras in for around 3.5 years now (there were more but sadly I've lost a few), and I've got about a dozen shrimp and three nerite snails. My question is, would it be possible to add some Chili Rasboras into this mix? I've read they need a large school to be happy, and don't want to put them in here if they will struggle.

Thanks for your help

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You could maybe add rasboras, though you'd need a group of at least 5-6 or you could add more black neons.
If it were my tank I'd add more plants before I'd add more fish, some kind of fast growing stem plant like hornwort, rotatla, ludwigia, etc. the sword looks like it's struggling a bit already, needs some root tabs.

Thanks for the suggestions. You're right about the sword struggling. I put one or two roots tabs in a few months ago (although could do with more) and have just starting upping the schedule of liquid fertilizer, so hopefully it will recover. Something else for the back to cover up the mass of white would be very useful!
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