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The Fluval Flex 15 gallon was the first thing I bought after 20 years out of the hobby. Being impressed with the all in one design, I spontaneously grabbed a 32.5 gallon flex when I spotted a used setup at the LFS. Then I bought another 15 thinking I would set the 32 up with a 15 on either side. However, because of reasons, that's not working out, so no plans to set up the 2nd 15 at this point.

ANYWAY, so far I'm keeping things low tech, though I have a lot of light on the 32. It was previously a reef tank and came with 2xFluval marine LEDs, though one of them was dead. I replaced it with a Nicrew SkyLED, and both lights is probably overkill. I have one of the Baking Soda + Citric Acid CO2 generators on my 125 tank, so if I upgrade to real pressurized CO2 for the 125, this tank will probably inherit the CO2 generator eventually.

I set up the 32 about a week ago with EcoComplete capped with fine and coarse sand, and I'm experimenting with some botanicals, which seem to be dropping the pH in there from about 7.6 to 7.2 so far. Plants are just some trimmings from my 125 at this point because I want to wait for milder weather before ordering lots of plants. Still waffling on fish/shrimp for this tank. I'm kind of enthralled with Samurai gouramis, but not sure about keeping their water parameters. First I'll probably just put in a school of harlequin rasborahs and see how things settle out.

It's Day 1 for the 15 which will probably become home to one lucky betta. Substrate there is Fluval Stratum capped with sand and gravel. I'm experimenting with a coconut coir background (zip tied onto a piece of egg crate) to see if I can grow a moss wall. It seems people are keeping some pretty nice plants with the little stock LED on this tank, so I'm going with that for now. I just put on an aftermarket spray bar and I'm hoping that if I use a smaller pump, I can lower the water level and have some emergent plants and a nice tricking waterfall down the rock face. Plants so far are just the Anubias nana petite on the lava rock. I've got some itty bitty tissue culture plants in another tank that I might add here once they appear to be growing. The rocks on the spiderwood are temporary to keep them from floating.

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