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To start off, I have a 6 gallon fluval edge. In there right now is 4 neon tetras, 5 cherry shrimps, a dwarf onion, dwarf sagittaria, and another plant I forgot the name of.

Ok I have 2 problems as of now. The first one is ich. I started using rid ich last night. I lost one of the tetras, so I am now at 4. I've read on some sites that this is safe for cherry shrimps, and others say its not. Is it okay to use with the shrimp and plants?
The other problem I am having, is that only the dwarf sagittaria is doing okay in the aquarium. I believe it is from not enough light. But these are the plants that the local aquarium recommended to me for my set up. So I was thinking about getting different types of lights. Ive read on a different website to use these bulbs. . Is this a good change? If it is, what is the difference between the colors, white and warm white?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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