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Fluval Edge

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Hi all,

I have been lurking on the forum a while, but I finally decided it was time for me to post some pics of my fluval edge. Its been running a little over a year now, and its been really low maintenance. I change 10 percent of the water once a month, and have never had any algae problems. No CO2 on this tank either, slower growing plants, but I really don't want to deal with high growth rates. :)

LED/florescent retrofit


Cryptocoryne pygmaea
Cryptocoryne wendtii v. 'bronze'
Heteranthera zosterifolia
Hemianthus callitrichoides
Sagittaria Subulata


Paracheirodon axelrodi x 3
Paracheirodon innesi x 4
Paracheirodon simulans x 4
Poecilia reticulata x 2 (These were an impulse buy, I really like how they look in the tank)

Hope you all enjoy this tank as much as I do (sorry for the phone quality pics)


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Its the LED/Fluorescent retrofit, stock lighting is not really adequate for growing anything other than maybe Anubis or Java moss
Nice growth even with the lights. What kind of LED did you use and how many? Can you post a pic during daytime where you can see all the plants and stuff.
+1 ^^ I'd lilke to see how you modded the lights
Here is what is under the hood :)


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Where did you get the LEDs? or did you make them yourself?

Awesome Edge, Ive been tempted to get one, but my place is small enough as it is, lol.
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