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Fluval Edge Planted Aquarium- Les Miserables Edition

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Hi everyone!

I have lurked these forums for about 5 months now, and finally decided to formally join :D


About the tank:

My tank is set up inside of my home studio, where I do many vinyl extractions and remasters. This can be a tedious thing, and as soon as the fish tank went in, I found myself calmer, and more creative.

Tank includes:
This fish tank is currently located in my humble home studio, and serves as the focal point for my audio mastering and restoration, in terms of the audio being reviewed. It is very calming to sit and stare at this while a record hypnotically spins, and music fills the air.

This aquarium features:
Staurogyne Rapens
Needle Leaf Ludwigia
Dwarf Hairgrass
Banana Plant
Lobelia Cardinalis (Small Form)
A few other plants I found in a friend's tank (can't remember name)

I'd also like to note that the Betta currently in this tank is my girlfriend's. She found him abandoned in a cup in her old clothing store, and kept him for the past year and a half. However, the poor guy had swim bladder from before she found him, and by the time I met her and tried to do the usual to fix him (betta fix, jungle fungus, peas, fasting, massaging), he was too far gone. He'll permanently have swim bladder, but at least he now has a proper place to swim versus a tiny bowl :D

I have a Fluval Chi being delivered today, which I'll be setting up and covering as I get it going so stay tuned :D

Please leave me any criticisms and responses, as I am still learning!
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Beautiful recording! Oh, and nice tank too.
Beautiful recording! Oh, and nice tank too.
Thanks mate :D
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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