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Fluval Edge CRS Tank

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I have had a 23l Edge set up for about 2-3 months now, I have 6 crs (was told 4 are SS and 2 are SSS) and 4 Horned Nerite Snails, they are all doing very well apart from the tank itself. I have Seiryu stones, 'cuba' and hairgrass the only issue is hair algae, normal algae and brown algae, it just will not go away.
I dont want to use treatments because of the shrimps and snails, any ideas?
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First can we get pictures of the algae. Also, we can help identify what grade your shrimp really are, and then based on what type of algae it is, tel ya what you should do to fix it!
Sorry, my post was a bit rushed as I was going out.

Here 'was' the tank, it was like this for a while then about 3 weeks ago it just went all brown and green.

and here is the tank now.

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boy thats an algae hub :) but shrimps look awesome.:icon_lol:. good luck
The fish shop told me it would be cycled after this length of time. There was nothing in the tank for 4 weeks just plants at first, then I added the shrimp, week later the snails.
I looked at the date on a photo of when I first added the shrimp, its been 2 months since the shrimp went in so it would have been set up 3 months now.

The tank is in a north facing rather dark room, the only light it gets is the LED lights which I changed to the 42 LED instead of the 21. The light is on for about 12 hours a day (Ihave been told this is too much but its the only light the tank gets)

The tank also gets co2 and its not heated. The fish shop tested my water today, no nitrates or anything and the PH is between 6.4 and 6.6 colour.
Ah, a lack of nitrates can actually cause cyano to grow. I know ramshorn snails will eat cyano, don't know about nerites though. Here is a good resource for dealing with it though. You could also try backing the light down to 6-8 hours a day to see if that helps. 12 hours is quite a long photoperiod.
Looking at a picture of cyano it definatly isnt that. It looks like very twisted hair grass as it twists in the filter flow.
I cleaned it out yesterday and got a majority of the algae out but due to the opening size and the position of the rocks it not easy getting into it.
Sorry, that link I gave you was bad lol. I meant to link you to this page which is a sticky. It has a good description of several different types of algae and a few way to try and combat them.
I dont want to dose it incase the shrimp and snails die. I have read somewhere that if you cover the tank for a few days the algae will slowly die off, I wouldnt mind doing that as long as it was 100% definate my live plants would be fine.
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