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Hi All

This is effectively my first foray into keeping fish (We had a tank at a student flat I was in but the girls effectively took care of everything!)

I have had it up and running for coming up to two months now and everything has been ticking along nicely.

I find the weekly water changes easy and it seems to keep everything in order thus far.

The big and unexpected issue is that I have become obsessed by the shrimp side of it more than the fish!

I have a few plants but have considered laying down some riccia.

I may eventually head towards the Iwagumi style I have seen as that looks very cool I reckon.

However at the moment this I am pretty happy with.

Here is a few pics.

I think these edges are cracking looking tanks!

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Hi Daveofthunder -
I'm awaiting delivery of an Edge 12.
Like your esthetics - Have you move on to Iwagumi style?
Wondering how your plants survived the rumors of "LED low light capabilities", and could you tell me what is planted in your 12-11-2011post.
Do I see substrate?
Did you tank come with the intake extentions?

Thanks -
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