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Fluval Edge 2 lighting upgrade ideas

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Hey all, I'm looking for ideas for upgrading the lighting in my 12 Gallon fluval edge. As of right now I'm running the stock lights, as well as a Fluval full spectrum led plant light. I've got the plant light just sitting in front of the opening to the tank, sitting flat down on the glass. I'd like to upgrade to something brighter that will promote better growth. I'm injecting co2 with the paintball tank method, but I fear the growth is being limited by the lighting. I was looking at possibly getting a light that could sit on the top of the glass, and fight completely across the top. I believe the measurement is around 18 inches across. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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I put two of these on a standard 10 gallon tank (one on each edge, running the long way) and it worked OK. I certainly was able to grow moss and low light stuff, but as far as an upgrade over what you have, I don't think you'll get that.

Now, the Finnex FugeRay Planted+ is going to be a very large jump up. You might also consider the Current USA Satellite Plus. It's not as powerful (fairly close, though) as the Finnex, and would be another good option. It too, will be a big step up from what you have. I have both Finnex and the Current USA on different tanks for different reasons, and am super happy with them in each case.
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