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Hi all...

I've just completed a fishless cycling process of my Fluval edge 2... at least I thought I had... all water values were perfect... then I added fish 12 Neon tetras 4 endler guppies 4 Amanos 3 RCS and 3 otos. There's plenty for the otos to eat and the shrimp form my cleanup crew... my nitrites now seem to be a bit of a bother... I can control it with sera toxivec which kills the Nitrite and Ammonia pretty much instantly...
What I am trying to find out is how I can create more bactaria which take care of the Nitrites... Ammonia is fine its always 0...
I was also wondering if there is another filter I can use which would fit in the housing...was looking on line at the Fluval C3. The filter I have is the standard one which came with the tank... dont know what name it has...
As for having over stocked... I've heard both... yes I have and no I havent... doesnt solve the problem I have as I cant take the fish back to where I bought them from... So I've got to live with it and sort the filter out to clean the water better...:|

Hope someone can help.
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