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Fluval Edge 12

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This is the start to my Fluval Edge planted 12 gallon tank at work. I am growing out the dwarf baby tears and dwarf hairgrass until taller plants for background come in. I will also be attaching some moss to the driftwood. I added a Finnex Ray2 18" light to go along stock LED light. Once water is in I will be running CO2. I have the adapter and Paintball 20z tanks i will use once the one runs out it came with. I am still trying to figure out what I want to go in this tank. I am thinking Shrimp, but do like fish swimming.

I have 2 tanks home a 125 galllon planted tank with 6 red belly piranhas about 5-6" and a huge pleco. Second tank is a 100 gallon cichlid tank, no plants just sand and texas holey rock. and always adding more texas rock. Damn stuff isn't cheap in New Jersey.


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Could you please list me the plants that you are using in your Edge?

I have tried several in my edge and the only ones that have been thriving are Anubias, Java Fern and Water Wisteria.

I have Tahitian Moon sand and everything I planted in it was always having less and less leaves, having holes in the leaves and/or just melting.

I do not use any ferts as there is shrimps in it.
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