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I have 2 tanks for sale, making up the money I spent today at aquascapes..... hahaha

for the MR.aqua 11.4 its 8/10 reason for the rating is because its about 7 months old.... and I guess you be the judge. its in great condition. will empty upon sale.

Fluval Ebi... comes with tank filter lid and light. 7.9 gallons I believe, great condition with original box.


Both tanks sold !
I have blyxa japonica for sale again.... $1 a stem.
hygro pinnatifida $5 a stem
Pogostem erectus 4 stems $5
Syngonanthus Belem 4 stems $5 Sold Out
Flame moss $8 a golf ball
Spiky Moss $5 a golf ball Sold out
Crypt Wendtii $3 a small bunch

2 Tom 9W clip/suction light $5 ea

I have some Ada Branchy wood available too... PM me for pics.

thanks for looking.......!!!

Plants come from these tanks... See anything else u want that's not posted?? Lmk

Driftwoods in da tanks are for sale also.

I take cash and card... Hahaha. Lmk
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