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Fluval Ebi - shrimp only question

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For those of you using the Ebi - will the internal filter provide enough filtration on a temporary basis for a shrimp only bio-load?

Looking at non-CO2 but with plants (floaters and mosses and anubias probably).

Going to put some Taiwan PFR in here and curious if I can get by with 30 of them in here without immediately having to add a different filter.
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Shrimp make up a tiiiiiny bioload.

You could fit a couple hundred in there with the supplied filter. Though, definitely replace it if/when you can with some sort of canister.
Is the canister really that significant of an upgrade? Seems like massive overkill for sucha tiny tank...

With that said I am running an AC50 in mine and I think even that's over the top.
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