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Fluval Ebi - shrimp only question

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For those of you using the Ebi - will the internal filter provide enough filtration on a temporary basis for a shrimp only bio-load?

Looking at non-CO2 but with plants (floaters and mosses and anubias probably).

Going to put some Taiwan PFR in here and curious if I can get by with 30 of them in here without immediately having to add a different filter.
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It's not necessary but it's nice. I run a small Eheim on my Ebi tanks and they're perfect.

Standard dual-sponge filters also do the job.

Because the Ebi is so small, it's often an issue of aesthetics, though, and they almost always look better without distractions in the tank.
Yeah, I will almost certainly change the stock filter out for a canister eventually just so that I don't have to look at the ugly thing.
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