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Hello! So I'm new to the forum and I recently got the Fluval EBI shrimp kit. It was on sale for $50 but I'm having a few problems & questions.
1. How to glue on the styrofoam background? I tried crazy glue and silicone and none worked. As soon as I added water it popped out!
2. As you guys may know this kit is discontinued so the one I bought was the last one in the store in my city. The shrimp food says it expired 2013, it was sealed tightly with the lid and also sealed with some silver/shiny stuff! Can't come to my mind right now. But is it okay to use?

This is more for planning purposes but I want to get a carpet plant for sure, I'm pretty sure the Fluval light it comes with will make medium light plants grow correct? Anyone know places selling carpet plants preferably in Canada websites since it would be less shipping. Also any other plants or designs for the tank will be appreciated :) not sure what look I'm going for I just know I want it to be very green carpet! :)

Sorry if I seem a bit noobie we all gotta start somewhere :hihi:
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