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Hey everyone
This is still in the early very early planning stage. I have a 28 gallon cube with 10 pea puffers. For plants I have vals jf and anibus. I did research on the puffers and from what i read I expected them to be aggressive. Well they are anything but aggressive. I've had them a year now and during that time I've had to move a few fish from my 75 to them until I was able to find homes for them. The puffers either ignore the other fish or were afraid of them. I'm talking fish like guppies juv angelfish even baby endlers.
So since I'm no longer worried about the puffers being aggressive I'm reconsidering the jungle look that I have now to something more structured. I'm also thinking when I do this change maybe adding some different plants. Plants that would do better with co2.
I'm considering the fluval co2 system. I don't have room for a regular unit. So I'm just wondering what all of you think of that system and how long I can expect the disposable cylinders to last?
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