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Fluval CO2 mini 20g system

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For now, I'd like to use the Fluval mini CO2 (20g) kit that came with my Flora nano kit. However, I would like to replace only the so called "diffuser". It's huge and I don't think it'll work well based on what I researched.

Any recommendations on what I can get to replace this huge rectangle 'diffuser'.

In conjunction, couldn't I use the diffuser that comes with the Fluval 88 CO2 kit? (Not sure if they sell that piece separate).

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The ceramic diffuser? You could just be careful not to gas any livestock since those tanks are so small

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I just bought this kit myself! I read that that big ugly diffuser is one of the only ones that results in 100% co2 diffusion. I wish I still had the link to where I saw that, can anyone else comment on the accuracy of that statement?

To answer your question though I see no reason why you cannot use the diffuser you mentioned, however if you are taking that rout I think you will need a bubble counter and a better valve to more consistently regulate flow, however I am pretty new to co2 myself. On a side note I've heard that for a more natural look you can modify a piece of porous volcanic rock into a diffuser.

I have a question about this kit myself though; it uses 20g threaded cartridges, and I hear that 16g cartridges will fit it, but neither seem like a very economic option long term, does anyone know what kind of threading adapter would be necessary to attach a larger co2 tank?
That big old diffuser does get 100% diffusion.....but at a duddly rate. Increased water flow across the openings will increase the rate, but its designed that way to make the CO2 cartridges last. Using a regular old diffuser will blow through those cartridges almost daily.

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It's a horrible product. I got it in my Fluval Flora kit. The big diffuser is horrible, and if you hook it up to any other diffuser the cartridges run out very quickly. It's a lot cheaper in the long run to just buy a Aquatek regulator and a co2 tank.
Ok, thanks.....perhaps I should explore the Fluval 88 then, which I think will give better results? carries the compatible threaded cartridges, which are 16g - used for bike pumps. 20 for $28 CAD
For about $75-100 you can have a brand new CO2 setup that will last a long time. Aquatek isnt the highest quality reg but has a decent track record

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Ok, I think I"m convinced to get an Aquatek CO2 regulator and their 3 in 1 diffuser and integrated bubble counter(not sure if it"s any good though).

So I"ll need the adapter so that it'll work on Paintball canisters?? Are paintball CO2 canisters standard then?
You can use a paintball CO2 bottle. Theres an adapter for around $15-20 out there. 20oz paintball tank shouldnt be more than $20 new. You the an always get a 5lb steel tank for about $40-50 also.

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