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Fluval CO2 20 kit kit question

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So this is my tank and I have a Fluval CO2 20 kit on it which is helping the plants amazingly. Anyways, I hate that I have this giant diffuser in there, and my idiot Betta keeps swimming up into it then hangs out there desperately trying to get air... :facepalm:

I'd like to put the CO2 into the hidden area along with all the other equipment. Any thoughts on how I could do this?
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I have a canister filter in my Spec V and will be running an inline diffuser. You can put the inflow and outflow in the same spots as the filter that comes with it (with a small amount of modding). I currently run them both at the same time, but will be moving them as soon as I have time to completely set it up. But currently just have the diffuser right under the canister intake and its so close my betta cannot fit in there :):

Far right tank:

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Why not just use a glass/ceramic diffuser? They look a lot nicer than those giant Fluval ones.

*edit* I just saw that you wanted to try and hide the co2 diffuser. Nevermind.
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