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Fluval Chi

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So I saw this at the LFS and man was I mesmerized. It looks great but how functional is it? It seems like the edge is the better option but this seems to have so many advantages as you can mod it and such. I think there is already someone posting on this subject haha.
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I would just get a ADA tank for around the same price...
That's what I figured because what you're really paying for is the rimless tank haha.
It looks cool at first, however, the fountain in the middle looks cheesy after a while.. and as previously stated, the light and filter are horrible.
not a fan of the looks.
Isnt it basically a fluval edge with different dimensions?
I have a question... Could one just dump the filter system and such, and use the tank as a normal rimless?
I think there is a plastic attachment on the back of the tank which hold the filter clip whch i am not sure of if removable.
Why not just get a do!aqua, ADA or mr. aqua tank which is of better quality than the chi?
I saw this this weekend and its $55 on the website. How much are other rimless tanks?

I'll be honest I was tempted to get it, but my apt gets cold and not having a cover is not ideal.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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