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My nano tank journal. this is my first adventure into a new territory COMPLETELY. Never did plants, shrimps etc. and I LOVED here's the journey. Let me know what you think!



As you can see, my wisteria has bloomed, anubias as well. I added some ludwigia repens and more shrimp and otos, my dwarf hairgrass has grown....slowly....and the wisteria's roots have created a rainforest vine effect that I totally love! The betta has moved temporarily and I took out the stock and added a finnex fugeray and a custom glass lid. Any tips on carpeting the DHG, I plan to get some excel. And thank you all for the love and support! This was just my side project to my art designing and school.

My thoughts's my scape? aha and anyone know where to get driftwood branches like "tree" oriented. Can't find it online, in stores, ANYWHERE!
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