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Hello everyone!

This is my first (albeit small) tank journal. I am going to be moving here soon as I am graduating from college and have compressed my ten and Evolve 8 into one Fluval Chi when I move here in a few weeks. The Eheim has been cycled for over a year now so no issues there. Here is the equipment I have on it right now...

Fluval Chi Aquarium
Eheim 2211 (Little much, but I have a small diverter instead of the spray bar so it is ok)
Aquatek Paintball CO2 Regulator with a ceramic disk glass diffuser
Fluval Heater
Fluval Aqualife LED Light

And for plants I believe I have...
Ludwigia repens
Amaranth Redroot
Rotala Magenta
Rotala Indica
Dwarf Baby Tears (Covered in hair algae :/)
Dwarf Hair Grass (Not looking great right now...)
Anbuias Nana (Rhizome planted above the substrate)

And Fish!
Betta - (Giant Pink/White betta near the drop checker)
Ottos - 2 of the guys, nice and fat from the various algae while my tank isnt balanced. lol.

Like I said this tank is more of a holding tank so I dont have to do larger water changes and inject as much CO2/Heating right before I move. I will update periodically, and once we move of course :)

Thanks for looking!


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