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Fluval Chi LED light watts

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Hello guys, I have a very small aquarium of only 5 gallons that I bought on petsmart a few months ago. (it is called Fluval Chi and you can google to see how it looks) Now I want to plant it with some live plants. The thing is I don't know how many watts per gallon I have. The tank comes with its own lightning which consists of 12 LED light bulbs. Does anyone knows how powerful this lights are. They don't look too strong in my opinion, and if they are enough to grow some dwarf four leaf clover? I have the ADA aqua soil substrate, some excel solution and some fertilizers, but I dunno if the lightning is enough.

Also, I have another question. What is the scientific name for the dwarf four leaf clover? is it Marsilea hirsuta or is it Marsilea crenata? I have been reading the descriptions on both and they appear to be very symilar, if not the same...

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