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Hi! I have a Fluval Chi 5 gallon tank. I just bought the Penguin® 75 BIO-Wheel® Power Filter along with the elive led grow light. I also have a Tera heater that is for 5-15 gallon tanks. I am wanting to focus on moss and ferns to do a low tech tank. With no animals what so ever.
But I have no idea what type of substrate is good, if I need any fertlizer and if so what kinds are good, do i need water conditioner still, and do I have to wait to set up to the tank? Any advice? And will these two be good enough for my tank?
I'm sorry for all the questions. I'm only a college student but doing this really interests me and I eventually want to go bigger. I appreciate any answers.
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Hey thanks for the advice! And by waiting I meant one of the guys at the aquarium store said I had to let my water cycle and such like I did when I had fish before I put plants in. Do I still do that?
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