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I know the both filters are made by Fluval and I have one on each of my two tanks. Both seem to work fine , I guess. At the end of the month I am going to set up a 75 gallon planted freshwater fish tank. I don't want to use a canister. I had one several years ago and it drove me nuts with leaking issues.

1. Of the two above which would be better? I am thinking of using two Fluval C4's, one on each end of the back of the tank. Or I could use AquaClear. Any thoughts or suggestions on this? Is either of these the better filter. Is there a better brand HOB than the two I've mentioned?

2. If I decide on the AquaClear, should I use one large 110 or two smaller units , spaced as I would with the C4's above.

Thank you.
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