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Fluval AC50 on a 10 gallon jungle too much?

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So on my 10 gallon freshwater jungle with 10 glowlights, I noticed the cheap Aqueon Something meant for a 10 gallon filter seemed to be losing its touch. It still moved water ok, but barely enough to make the surface even move.

So I recalled I have an old Fluval AC50 that I used on my 30 gallon until I replaced that with an AC70 (which actually now I am considering replacing with something larger).

Do you think that an AC50 is too much for a 10 gallon? Its a little noisey right now which I am hoping goes away. I recall there was some issue with the ACs that made some of them noisy but I do not recall what the fix was. Should I turn it down on low? The fish seem to love it right now, then again they were used to not much for current.

I just am not sure if there is a clear line between not enough flow, good flow, and too much flow.
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I'm fairly certain that that would indeed be too much. However, the motors for AquaClear filters are all the same--save for the AC110 which has a different design--which means the impellers are interchangeable. I ran an AC70 on a 20 high with an AC30 impeller because the standard impeller was producing a large crater in my substrate and uprooting my plants, even on the lowest setting. So you could run an AC50 and take advantage of the large media capacity while using an AC20 or AC30 impeller to prevent monsoon currents.
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