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I had one...

It works OK but refills are very expensive and don''t last that long Its much cheaper (in the long run) to buy a regulator and a 5# CO2 tank. I have a 20 gal high tank and a 5# tank lasts 6 months at a cost of $25.
Compare that with the 80G Fluval refill
thank you so much for your reply. So you're saying that the refill for the 5 gallon CO2 is around $25????? if that's the case, then yes it is much cheaper.

I believe 88 grams is only going to last a few days on something say the size of a 55 gallon tank.

Refills for regular CO2 tanks vary from place to place, but $25 for a 5# tank is going to be about the most you're ever going to pay. The local industrial gas supplier here charges something more like $12. I don't know what those 88g cartridges cost, but I'm sure they are much less economical.

88g is about 3oz., or 1/27th of a 5# tank.
the 88 will last about a month from what I understand. But I can see what you're saying that it will become cheaper in long run.

thank you so much.
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