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Fluval 88g 3.1 ounce Bubble Counter

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Anyone here using or familiar with Fluval's bubble counter? Not sure if it's any good, so looking for feedback on.
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I'm using one but I don't have much experience to compare with.
All in all, its cheap and works, not much more to add.
I love mine.. I have it in a 25Gallon and a 9Gallon Nano. It does the job and for the price its well designed - hang/stick to glass, gaskets to keep it all air-tight, screw-to-tighten mechanism to keep the tube connections air-tight and its CHEAP! Some people like their bubble counters mounted to the regulator rig but this is a good alternative to hang behind a rimless tank. Only once have I broken one of the connectors for the tube but that was my own rough-handling. Good thing was it was cheap enough to replace :p
+1 works great for me. An upright one would not fit in my stand (on a 10 lb cylinder) so I went with this one. Very happy with it.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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