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Fluval 407 / FX4 and Lily Pipe Surface Skimmer

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Scoping out the filter for my next tank. Anyone have issues with using a Fluval 407 or FX4 with the lily pipe surface skimmer. I was concerned that the suction might be too much and pull the floater down. I was watching on YouTube where someone hooked up a FX6 and had issues.

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I own a stainless steel inflow that I used to use on my 40 breeder attached to a 525 gallon/hour canister filter. At that speed it worked fine so long as the intake slits remained clean. If a few big plant leaves fell across them and clogged them then I would get the suckage you mention with the skimmer. I am planning to use this on my 75 gallon fx4 when it arrives. My solution going forward was to use my drill press to drill 4 holes in the screw on cap at the base of the lily pipe to add additional inflow potential. Will it work? Not sure but I'm hopeful.
It'll work (putting into the universe for ya). That's how I fix all my problems. Drill more holes in it. :)
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