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Fluval 406 and circulation questions

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Hello all,

So i have a good question and a concern about my planted tank. I have a 75 Gal that has been well established and is doing extremely well. So to start I have a question regarding my Fluval 406 filter system. I bought this canister for my 75 when I had an Oscar fish in it before I went the planted route. I use it now mainly for circulation but also because my planted tank has many guppies and a few other inhabitants floating around so I need the filtration. But here lies the problem, the filter hoses, canister, valves, and pretty much everything else get horribly clogged and require a lot of time to clean and makes a huge mess. I am thinking about getting a circulation pump but not sure what would work best. Any suggestions on what I can do to either help keep the filter cleaner and from getting so much dead plant matter in the filter. Should/can I just switch to just a circulation pump even with the fish?
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