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Fluval 3.0 Lighting Settings for 40 gallon breeder

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Hey all,

I have a single Fluval 3.0 on my 40 breeder. No co2 and just started dosing excel. Plants look great, but started developing really long thread algae.

I set the light values all at 60% of their home values for 6 hours

I plan to go with co2 later to manage algae, but was wondering what values you suggest setting the light at right now for the 3.0 without co2 for now.

Thank you!
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I would say:

Drop lighting down to 50% for 5 hours / day.

Remove as much decaying plant and organic material as possible. This includes gravel vacuuming and filter cleanings are each water change.

Continue to dose Excel daily at the "after water change" rate.

Remove as much algae as you can manually.

Increase the amount of water changed and the frequency of water changes.
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