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Fluval 105 stopped flowing

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So during a water change today, the intake tube came out a little and sucked in some air. The filter then started to make a lot of grinding noise. I tried priming it, but nothing would come out the outtake (except at the end of the prime, when it was off). It can't be due to blockage, as I have a sort of prefilter. Unless something got sucked in through the tiny crack between the prefilter pipe and intake tubing. Has this ever happened to you? What do I do?
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Plug it in, take the outflow tube and start sucking until water comes out. Easiest way to prime any canister filter.

I know people will say, try tilting it, try opening and closing 9 times, prime, fill the hoses under the water and then attach quickly, blah, blah, you can spend hours messing around doing all those thing or just grab it and suck. Works every time.
What he says but make sure the can and tubes are empty this way you won't get any fish waste water yuk!
OK, I got it running again with much difficulty. Buy now it's making this dripping noise. Isn't not a leak, the noise is coming from inside the filter.
I can think of a couple things that might be needed. One simple one for the noise might be unplugging and replugging. Sometimes for some reason the impeller restarts in a slightly different way and doesn't make the same noise. No good reason for it, but it is simple and sometimes works.

Second would be cleaning. Have you cleaned the impeller and the well where is fits? This can get grimey and make the impeller noisy or hard to start.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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