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Fluorescent vs Led

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Alright so I have a question for you all. Which fixture and why?

Someone was throwing out Hydro Planet T5HO 2foot fixture(4bulbs) and I happened to find it on the side of the road. Looks very similar to this fixture. It looks like it's in really good shape, I still have to test it out to make sure the ballasts are working properly. Bulbs will cost me roughly $43 dollars for different spectrum bulbs. Another $12-24 for ballasts if 1 or both are not working.

The other light I'm looking at is this Phlizon 165 watt Led Fixture. This will cost about $80 shipped.

Now I'm intrigued by the different bulb combinations I can use with the Fluorescent fixture. I like that the Phlizon can dim if necessary and no need for bulb replacement.

Either or will be hung above a 30 Gallon Breeder(Dutch Stylish?) Anyway thanks in advance for any of your opinions, comments etc.
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