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Fluorescent light housings

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Anyone know where to buy empty Fl. light housings. With reflectors would be nice but not necessary. I think A person could build a decent T-5 ho light pretty economically.
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Not quite what you are looking for, but I've seen pretty nice looking setups made out of vinyl gutter that was then spraypainted black.
haha i'm building a t8 hanging hood right now. i bought mine from home depot along with some sheet metal to make a reflector shield.

just happen to have two 48"ers right here.:proud:

found one in the trash. the other at a yard sale for 3 clams.
all yours.
seriously, I don't think you want to use a plastic housing for T5HO's
lots of heat and all.

I just used the reflectors off them for my
"a person could build a decent T-5 ho light pretty economically". build

two 28$(on sale) light fixtures from home depo.
and the rest of the junk I had laying around

a little rewiring so now I can run the two inner off one ballast, the outer off the other
bla,bla, and bla you get the point

lol, it ain't pretty, but it sure work well.
I got what? like 60 bucks and my time into the whole thing:sleep:
(not counting bulbs)

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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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