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LOL I said inline and Joey is a thief and a sorry excuse of a person I support nothing he does or attempts to stand for.

He SOLD an aquarium society after he snuck his way into control and got all he could out of it , he used it to gain items for free from sponsors etc. Once he was done with it he sold it to some people but not after the fact after he decided to make it a non registered one.

He steals peoples DIY ideas and does not even give credit to where he got the idea from , he also made a book saying its the best DIY book out yet its chuck full of everyone's ideas with no credit to where he even got them from.

He uses people to gain popularity , The local aquarium society that he sold is going to [censored][censored][censored][censored] and he does not care about it one bit, you would think someone who supposedly cares so much for the hobby would do whatever they could to actually help a local aquarium society but nope.

He is a damn fraud..............
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