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Just planning some equipment out for my tank... and space for filters and CO2 bottles and the like is going to be at a premium. I am thinking instead of adding a second filter to my setup I figured on a pump. I have an Eheim 1250 hobby pump not in use that I could use to run the following...

  • CarbonDoser EXT5000 External Reactor
  • CarbonDoser External Probe Holder/Mount
  • Coral life Turbo Twist 9W UV Sterilizer.
Now the Turbo Twist is rated for a flow rate of 100 to 200 GPH... and the EXT5000 does not list a flow rate that I know of.

The EHEIM 1250 pump delivers a flow of 317 GPH and a max delivery head of 6'7"

Models 1046, 1048, 1250 Performance Curve

If I mount this near the floor... and the tubing for the inlet and outlet go up to the top of the tank, use an elbow and go down into the tank... and the top of the tank is about 4'3" from the floor. Lets say it goes down into the tank 18 inches. (Tank is 24" Deep) Does this actually give me 4'3" of delivery head?

If this is correct I should be seeing a flow rate of about 185 GPH rather than 312?

Then I add the 3 items inline... I should realistically be somewhere around 90 to 100 gph? (Guessing here):sleep:

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