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Flow Meter or Needle Valve

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I am looking at purchasing a CO2 regulator off of the net and theres a fair variety out there. It seems like regulators intended for planted aquarium are double or triple the price of something intended for home brewing or Mig/Tig welding. Is there really that much different?? Also, I saw the following quote on the MASA website and wondered if anyone else knows anything about flowmeters (Ive done a search on this forum but not found out anything)

quote: A flow control valve can in fact replace the CO2 needle valve and bubble counter and is cheaper than the two items combined. This valve not only provides the visual feedback, but also provides a reading on how much CO2 is being injected in a more quantitative form (e.g., cubic centimeters per minute; cc/min). The flow control valve I am using is the url=]Dwyer[/url] RMA-151-SSV Flowmeter, range 5 to 50 cc/min air with stainless steel valve. I find I am using about 20 cc/min of CO2.

Heres an example of a Mig/Tig welding regulator. The specs indicate that the flow control is capable of 0 - 25 L/min. Is this suitable for planted tanks??

If this is not suitable and I should get a dual gauge + needle valve, can anyone tell me where I can get a suitable needle valve and Co2 resistant tubing?? Would a place like ENZED Hydraulics stock something like this??? Comments much appreciated
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You don't want that thing.
Rex has all the hardware you need and he will answer any questions you have.
To start with you MUST have a regulator with the CGA 320 connection on it (if you live in the US or Canada). No matter where you live there are standards. And most compressed gas standards have different connections for different gases for very good reason.

Second thing is a aquarium regulator normally has things on it that a welding or soda regulator doesn't. Like a solenoid, a needle valve, possibly a bubble counter and hopefully a check valve.

Third thing is that unless your tank is around 500 gallons there is NO way a flow meter will work to regulate the flow of CO2.

Welding flow rates are several magnitudes higher than aquarium flow rates.

Without knowing where Ballina is it's hard to give answers. You might find the parts you need at a hydraulics supplier but a pneumatics supplier is much more likely.
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