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Flow loss through Hydor ETH and Coralife Turbotwist 3x

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I'm piecing together equipment for my upcoming 60P. I'm leaning towards the Eheim Ecco series as the filter, with a hydor inline, coralife turbotwist, and an inline co2 injector(upstream of filter).

How much flow do you think I'll lose through the hydor inline and coralife turbotwist? I was going to use the Eheim 2232 at 106 gph, but am thinking the 159 gph of the 2236 would be a better choice to account for the flow loss through the other equipment.
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The loss from the Hydor will be negligible since as far as I can tell the water just passes straight on through. Cant say what the other two will do in terms of flow.
I have a 60-P and run the ecco 2232 with the Hydor ETH and I can say I need more flow. The flow in the tank is decent but I have concerns about CO2 distribution and...well I like more flow :). I will have the 2232 up for sale very cheaply though if you want to go that route.
That was my suspicion. Thanks for letting me know. 2236 it is. Good luck selling the 2232. If I weren't adding the other equipment inline, I'd definitely be interested.
The Hydor unit does not effect flow IMO. I'm using down flow reactors on the discharge side and again do not feel flow to be effected to a significant degree.
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