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Flow in Shrimp tank

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I have a 10gal with shrimp only. It has 2 whisper HOB's on it each rated for a 10gal tank. With the flow restricted shrimp seem fine. With the flow full blast they seem to move alot more. It seems them like the higher flow better. I am sure there are getting more O2, but I wonder if in the wild they are from high currents. Any ideas? They are Tigers and RCS.
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Let me have your tiger shrimp. :biggrin:

The increase in movement could be from them stressing out or because they are enjoying it. I think if they are eating and looking good then they like it.
I have a 10g. Shrimp tank also and when I do water changes they all seem to like to take rides in the currant. I get the impression they like the faster moving water, I could be wrong. I would think if they didn't like it though they would stay on the other side of the tank.

They seem to be doing better with more flow. Active and not hiding like they were. I guess if they wanted out of the flow they would stay out of the flow. I guess I will keep the flow up. The Tigers are GREAT! They were labeled Zebra but I think they are Tigers. Are they or are they not?

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Thanks, I hope to see some little ones soon..
super nice tigers!!!

ship me some, please!!
Thanks for the information. Those are tiger shrimp!
That is so cool I wish I had the creativity to come up with a tank like that... Is there anything special to keeping a Shrimp Tank?
Yeah they are inverts and are more sensitive to certain things then fish.
I was hoping they were tigers. Maybe I will have some to swap some day soon, Thanks for the ID on the shrimp!
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