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I have a new Waterbox 72 gallon tank coming in a couple weeks. It is rimless 48"x20"x20". Should be sweet and give the fish more room.

I am trying to plan my filtering, flow and CO2.

My current tank, which will be retired/sold, has a Biomaster 250 Thermo on it. I also have a new Biomaster 600. For CO2 I am moving from an inline diffusor to an NILOCG 24" reactor. My current plan is to use both filters, one mainly for flow and the other for biomedia. I am just not sure which will be which. The 600 filter has more potential flow and an extra tray for biomedia or a sponge. The CO2 reactor will probably restrict flow somewhat.

I am thinking of putting one filter at each end of the tank but with the pipes not directly across from each other. This could aid circular flow. I would put the biomedia in the 250 where it currently resides and just use a couple of the sponges in the 600 so as to keep flow up. The 600 would power the CO2 reactor. I would just use one lily pipe surface skimmer. Not sure on which filter.

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