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Flourite substrate

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I added flourite into my already running established tank on the 11th. I rinsed it as much as I could but it was still pretty sooty. I expect from now on whenever I plant or move things around I'll get dust clouds, I can deal with that. But now my tank just looks dirty. I've tested the water quality, everything is fine but it looks dirty I have to keep wiping in the glass from the inside which gets a film of ashy sooty residue. I added filter floss on the 13th and I've been changing that daily. And I've done a few 25% or more water changes. What else can I do? I just dropped a nice chunk of money on new plants and lighting and co2 boosters and now the tank looks unkept and dirty, especially under my upgraded light :icon_sad:
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Flourite is one of the dirtiest substrates, which is I tend to rinse it for an hour before I add it to a tank. One thing I do is I'll hook up extra filters to the tank to help clear the water, and I add polyester fiber fill to each filter to catch any tiny debris that passes through any filter pad.

You'd get more answers, and suggestions by posting a similar thread in in the substrate forum.
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