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Flourite (spare)

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I have two extra bags of flourite (generic mixed color) that I can't use anymore. (Story: Last year, I got a 55 gallon tank and was all ready to make it a planted tank. Bought the substrate and everything....annnnd then had to rescue some plant-averse fish.) I'm thinking of setting up a 20 gallon tank but that costs more money that I feel like spending on fish right now.

It's been too long for me to return the flourite to the store, so I'm wondering if people would like to trade hardy, low-light plants for them? That would let me set up the new tank with a minimum of cost and let you get some substrate pretty cheaply.

I'm in a close-to-Boston suburb, but we can do a clandestine plant/gravel dropoff on the pike or something. :)
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If you still have the flourite- I would be interested. Im close to Boston and could arange a pick-up
Heh, I decided to actually do a full planted and now it's underwater and full of plants!
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