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Flourish ?

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If using plane Flourish, would I still want to dose CSM+B, FE, and some GH Booster?
I have been using CSM+B and FE and thought I would give Flourish a try.
If so, how much?
My tank is a 50 gallon which is only about 3 or 4 months old or so. I have been battling all kinds of algae from the start. I dose the regular E.I. I recently upped my pressurized C02 to a slightly greenish yellow. It had been green on the DC.
Yesterday I replaced my two 65 watt CF's because the old ones were old, and started dosing 15 mil Excel. I had a case of cyanobacteria which I killed with Erythromycin about 1 month ago so I believe there is a fare amount of decomposed organic's which I'm trying to lower through water changes.
I've been dosing:
1/2 tsp KN03, 1/32 tsp KH2PO4, 3 times a week.
1/4 tsp CSM+B, 1/32 FE, 3 times a week.
1 tsp GH Booster at water change, once a week, all ferts poured in dry.

Please comment on my dosing regime also.

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If you're going to use Flourish I can't see the need to continue will CSM+B. I would dose 10ml of Flourish 3x/week. Fe you can continue to add if you want and I'd try 1 tsp of GH booster once a week. Just based on EI recommendations you need to double the amount of KH2PO4 to 1/8 tsp and possibly more if you're still seeing a lot of GSA. Just keep an eye on your circulation and CO2 also.

In addition to water changes you might consider using some Purigen in your filter to get rid of the the dissolved organics.
I'd recommend dosing more than 30ml/wk if you're hoping to get the same sort of nutrients as CSM+B out of flourish; something more in the 100-150ml range should give you about .4-.8 ppm's Fe on EI. Even then your Mn, Mo and Zn won't be quite so high as a 10g/L batch of CSM+B dosed at 1ml/2L of column.

Personally I like to alternate between CSM+B and flourish, largely because flourish has a few more micros that might be missing in your tap. It's the sort of thing the water department gives you a dirty look for if you ask about, because if they've done the tests, they're buried some where.

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